2016 Guidelines for Volunteers

1. This is strictly a volunteer project. If you sign up, you are doing it because you have a good heart. :o)

2. You may send out a card to one person or to everyone on the list. It is entirely up to you. 

3. This project is designed for CARDS to be sent. Nothing else is required. If you choose to send other items such as gifts and other items please remember that you do that on your own and it is not required by The Angel Card Project. 

4. It is PREFERRED that you put your own name and mailing address as the FROM address on your cards. Due to Federal Postal Regulations, all mail must have a return address. 

5. Please remember to be RESPECTFUL. I am sure this goes without saying, but we wanted to mention it just in case. We do have a system worked out with the Postal Service to track senders, should we need to do so. So please be respectful with anything that you send as part of The Angel Card Project.

Here is how this Works for Volunteers!

1. Go to the entry form below. Fill the form out and hit the Submit button. 

2. That will send us an email letting us know that you have signed up to send cards. We will send you a reply email within 48 hours to let you know that we have received your sign up.

3. If you have questions about the project, please keep them brief.

4. On December 3rd, 2016 We will send an email to all of the volunteers who sign up with the MASTER LIST of Names. The list will not be sent out before then.

5. Once you have the list, you may begin sending cards.

6. Please remember to try and get your cards in the mail BEFORE December 18th, 2016 to ensure that they get delivered by Christmas.

7. Also, please remember that is is VERY IMPORTANT for you to keep track of the TOTAL NUMBER of cards you send. We will need you to email us that information after you have sent your cards. That is how we keep track of how successful the project has been each year.

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***Please DO NOT use all caps!  - If you type in ALL CAPS your name will be deleted from the volunteer list.

Please make sure your Email address is typed correctly before you hit the submit button. If it is not, you will not receive the list.**

Volunteer to Send Christmas Cards!