I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel just sending a simple card, knowing the joy it brings. I know first hand because my father was a recipient when he was alone in later years. Made him smile. God Bless you for thinking of others - Linda S.

I have been receiving cards for the last 3 years and it has made my holiday so much easier to cope with since my mother passed in December 2002. Knowing that there are people who are willing to take time out of their busy holidays to send a card to me and others like me shows me that Christmas did not die when my mother did. I have kept all the cards and whenever I feel down I pick a few up and get that feeling of peace again as if my mother never left. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do and God bless all of you. - Gena V.

Volunteering for the Angel Card Project is a small thing to do yet it brings so much joy. It brings joy to the card recipients too. As long as there is an Angel Card Project, I will volunteer. - Deborah G.

The Angel Card Project allows me to send a hug to people who need one. It allows me to spread love and in return it fills my heart for doing good onto others. - Kay R.

Last Christmas we added my Mother as her father (my grandfather) had just passed and she was in the midst of fighting breast cancer. She loved getting the mail and opening all the cards, reading the prayers and notes each volunteer wrote. My Mother passed away a couple months ago, and I am beyond greatfull for this project that her last Christmas was filled with so much love from so many of the people here, I can't express how much this project means for those suffering and the joy it can bring. - Jennifer E.

Several years ago, I asked for Angel Cards to be sent to my Stepbrother who was suffering from terminal cancer. He was absolutely blown away by the response of people sending him cards from all over the country and the prayers those cards contained.  - Cecilia T.

I want to thank you for once again for all you do with the Angel Card Project. My mother in law absolutely loved getting so many cards. She actually looked forward to going to the mailbox, She kept up her display of cards long after the new year started. It truly brightened her Christmas Season. Thank You and Bless You. - Debby B.

I signed up my son who was in need of cheering up during the Christmas season he started receiving cards and had no idea where they where coming from, then he thought Mom what did you do! LOL I know he appreciated it he is still holding on to the cards to this day. - Dana H.

I signed up my friend Kerry last year. She was in a terrible moped accident and needed some cheering up. She received many beautiful cards with notes inside. It really made her days much nicer. She truly appreciated the thoughtfulness of the senders. - Linda W.

The Angel Card Project is awesome! My Mom(82) and my 66 year old mentally challenged sister received cards last year. They both loved the cards. My sister loves to get mail. - Nita H.

My mother has been a recipient of the angel project for about 5 years. When my dad died my mother who is childlike had to go into a nursing home and loves loves loves cards. Honestly she thinks the angels really send them to her. - Kathy M.

I sent cards for the first time in 2011. After my died died in July of 2012, I knew that first Christmas would be hard on us all but especially my mom. She received countless cards last year and took great joy in seeing where they all came from. The project was a blessing on both the giving and receiving side last year. - Michelle F.

My grandchildren received cards, to see their faces light up, was heaven sent. They said their angel sent them. - Sally J.

I participated in this project because I really enjoyed sending all of the cards out to people who were happy to receive them. The reason I know that some of the people I sent to were happy to receive them is because I received a lot of return cards from them saying as much. It made me feel very special to receive so many cards with God's blessings wished upon us. I'm grateful this project exists and will be participating again this year. - Leigh D.

Both my mom and dad received last year. This was the 3rd or 4th time for my mom. I like to go to her house about the time the mail runs just to see her grin from ear to ear looking at all the cards. She just turned 89 and she is looking forward to Angel cards this year. - Betty H.

My girls both got cards they were so excited and loved every card it impacted their lives in such away that they know other people care too. - Teresa B.

 I received cards and it made me feel so blessed knowing people out there are angels.- Ange B.

My Mom, Aunt and best friend's Mom all happily received cards. My Mom found great joy in receiving the cards. Some people would put little momentos in the cards, some wrote encouraging words as she had been sick for some time. Sadly my Mom passed in July but I've kept the cards she received as a remembrance of the thoughtfulness of others and the happiness my Mom felt when she got them. - Laura K.

Mom had ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Christmas 2012 was her last. She looked forward each day to "her angels". I have everyone of them and plan to have "her angels" help me through this first Christmas without her. Thank you so much for the Angel Card Project it meant a lot to mom and I. I look forward to blessing others by sending cards out this year. Merry Christmas everyone!! - Suzanne R.


I received like 50 or so Christmas cards from angels all over the world when i was very sick with heart issues. Being less able to travel or work, this really brought me out of a grand funk. I received 2 small hand croceted angels that were beautiful. I began getting cards from people i was skeptical. Unknown to me my daughter signed me up. Thank you for bringing me thru a bad time. All of you are angels. - Wanda M.

Dude and I have been participating in this wonderful project for the past 6 years. We very much enjoy being able to send cards to others who need and/or want them. We also participate in The Angel Card Project because people just don't send cards anymore and this gives us a way to send the cards we want to send. - Leigh D.