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How Do I Submit A Name?

If you would like to submit the name of someone to receive cards, it's easy!

Just click the section above titled "Submit A Name To Receive Cards" and give us the appropriate information. That person's name will be added to the Master List of Names that is sent to every volunteer. Then when it's time to start sending cards, the volunteers will get those in the mail.

And YES, you can  rest assured the person you submit will receive cards. We leave no one out and every person submitted will receive some Christmas Cheer!

What is it?

The Angel Card Project is an annual charity event where people from around the world come together to spread cheer to those who otherwise would feel forgotten at Christmas.

Volunteers sign up to send Christmas Cards to those who are sick, lonely, having a difficult time, in the military, in nursing homes, and many other situations.

There is so much joy spread and also felt by those participating in the project. Anyone is welcome to participate.

All you have to do is volunteer. Find the section to the left titled "Volunteer to send Christmas Cards" and sign up! 

We can't do it without you!