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Donations To Help Support

The Angel Card Project

The Angel Card Project is a 100% Volunteer driven entity. We are not funded by any groups or corporations. We receive no kind of grants or anything of that nature. So all expenses to run the project come directly out of the pocket of the founder. 

Since there is NEVER a charge to volunteer with the project nor do we ever charge for submitting names of the people we send cards to, there are expenses that we have each year.

Some of those expenses include website hosting and bandwidth, postage for letters sent to each recipient of the cards to notify them of who we are and why they will be receiving cards, printer ink, office supplies, and much more.

 This mean that each year, it is by the grace and generosity of those who give that allow us to host this project. It's the only way this project is able to continue from year to year.

So as much as we hate to ask, if you are able, please consider making a donation to help us continue to help others.

You may use the paypal donate button located below or you may send a donation via the postal service in the mail to the address below. If you chose to send a donation through the mail, please include a short note letting us know that it's for The Angel Card Project.

TO MAIL DONATION - Please mail to:

Mark Martin

51 County Road 247

iuka, mississippi


Or to make a PAYPAL Donation or Credit Card Donation, please use the DONATE button below